Much of my current work are mixed media pieces that blend painting and block printing, a technique I have developed through years of experimentation.

After visiting, sketching, and researching a park or habitat, and the plants and animals, I create a number of drawings for each detail. The designs are redrawn a number of times, reversed, and then transferred to a linoleum block.

Each block is carefully hand-cut. Then the blocks are hand-printed on archival, high-quality watercolor paper. The best prints are trimmed, mounted mounted on painted birch wood gallery panels with archival adhesive.

Once they are totally dry, they are painted with acrylic paints, and then sealed with UV protection. Each is an original, expressive artwork that explores the complex patterns, movement and vibrant life of the subject.

Left: A cut block with ink on it. Notice that everything is a mirror image of the final print.
Right: A printed proof from that block before painting.

Other current work includes mixed media felt applique. Similar to the printed pieces, I research the subjects before I start. However, these pieces include a bit more whimsy and in-the-moment creativity. They are then hand sewn, which is a long and meditative process!

Closeup of a hand-stitched felt applique piece.

Other work related to my interests in medieval history includes book binding ans artists’ books. I was able to get a grant from the Minnesota Center for Book Arts for a work exploring the history of the Minnesota River. I’m currently doing commissions with historic book binding.

“Plowed Under” mixed media artists book, printed, stitched, embroidered. Looking at the native plants that were endangered by the conversion of prairie into farm fields in the early 1900s.