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Welcome to my website. There’s a lot that will (hopefully!) be going on here! I’m very much looking forward to sharing my artwork, photos, marketing tips and thoughts with you.

I’ll be working on content as things go along, but below is a list of the pages and a synopsis to help you get around. The posts will be sorted into categories on the right, so look there too for content. And if there’s something that you would like to see or discuss, please let me know.

My personal artwork has ranged from textiles, through mixed-media collages, to medieval calligraphy and illumination, to a variety of painting and printing. The thread that has run through all of it is a deep love and connection to nature and the animals and plants that share our world. The second thread is a strong and enduring respect and passion for the art history of all cultures – particularly the works of Medieval European and Mediterranean artists, and native cultures from all over the world. The Galleries page will have links to some of my works. Please contact me if you are interested in any of the pieces or custom work.

The Upcoming Events & Exhibitions page will have links to posts on upcoming and current places to see my art work. There will be also occasionally be information on other events that I’ll be involved in, either as an organizer, promoter or participant.

The Commercial Work page will have links to some of the work that I have done for clients. My commercial work often focuses on helping arts and theatre organizations, small businesses, and other artists maximize their communications through custom design, illustration and outreach. Along with my writing friend and business partner, Carstens Smith, we offer a variety of services, including design, illustration, editing and public relations/media relations.

Marketing & Communications Tips page will offer links to posts, musings, ramblings and insights for artists and small businesses in particular to reach out to their audiences. I hope to have more contributions from Carstens and others here including some great help on writing and editing. Comma help anyone?

Curiosity Cabinet page will have links to posts about this wonderful and crazy natural world that we inhabit. I don’t remotely pretend to be an expert naturalist, so these are personal photos and observations. Maybe some links to real science too!

Other pages:
Biography: pretty self-explanatory.
Links & Resources: with my personal faves and some links and resources to help artists and small businesses.
Miscellany: everything that doesn’t fit into another section!

Thank you for visiting Painted Turtle Design! Please contact me for more information about any of the artwork, content or events in this website. Happy art-making!

Robyn Beth Priestley

Contact Information:
robynturtle (at) gmail.com

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This website in progress. Please be patient!

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