“Icons of the Natural World” painted block prints

These pieces were done as series for an exhibition at Unity Unitarian Church in St. Paul. They are illustrations of some of the animals that are found in urban settings in the Midwest. I hope to have 14 or more in the series eventually.

The pieces are done with my mixed media block print technique, hand-printed and then painted with acrylics. These are mounted on wood panels, and have metallic leaf accents. I’m really enjoying doing this series, there’s a nice mix of accuracy of the animal, with creative patterning and some whimsical and spiritual aspects mixed in that really appeals to me, and I hope to the viewer.

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Steampunk Bracelet

Just finished this “steampunk bracelet” last weekend. Odd beads, lenses and gears, and washers strung on steel with gold wiring. I tried to do a necklace too, but so far the steel wires are too stiff, so that still needs some work!

Steampunk Bracelet


Mixed-media artists book covers, paper, painting, metal leaf, found objects, screw post bindings. Blank interior, hand-made paper by Betsy Dollar.

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